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As part of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives Immigration is responsible for the Immigration control throughout the Maldives.


Maldives Immigration, with the full utilization of highly skilled human resources and modern technology, will execute its functions, to provide to the government and the citizens of the Maldives, excellent service while complying with National Laws and International norms.


Maldives Immigration while being vigilant, will use all of its resources to protect the borders of Maldives, from undesirable or harmful effects from immigrants and aliens, that might deter or disrupt the harmony and solidarity of the sovereign Maldives. Immigration also will facilitate and provide safe passage into and out of Maldives for genuine travelers.

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President Inaugurates Passport Card

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has, this morning, inaugurated the “Passport Card”, with multifunctional features. The launching ceremony was held at the President’s Office. -READ MORE


MI Wins IAIR Award

The Controller General of Maldives Immigration and -READ MORE


Entry To Maldives

To enter Maldives no pre-arrival visa is required. -READ MORE


Pre-Screening of Migrant Workers

Call for expression of interest and terms of reference (TOR).


Visa Types

Visa Types and Documents required for application


28 December 2016

All online applications submitted through "My online" tab in Xpat online system should be submitted via "Extension"tab from 2nd Jan 2017.


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