Maldives Immigration starts complying with standard ICAO Annex 9, chapter 3.10.1. ( Maldives will only accept standard Machine Readable Passports. )


Employment for foreigners is allowed only under the permission granted from the Foreign Employment Division of Immigration.

Immigration issues a Resident Permit (Working Visa) based on this Employment Approval (EA).

A person entering Maldives with the intention to work in Maldives should have a copy of the Employment Approval (EA) issued at the time of arrival.

A person who has already entered on a Tourist Visa will not be allowed to change the category of visa to a Work Visa to work in Maldives.

It is the responsibility of the employee to confirm the employment and receive a copy of the Employment Approval (EA) prior to arrival in Maldives.

Work Visa issued are conditional on the validity of the Employment Approval (EA), therefore it is the responsibility of the EA holder and the Employer to ensure that the Work Visa is in order. Failing upon which the Work Visa may be cancelled on re-entry or exiting Maldives

Employment Approval (EA) is a written statement issued by the Foreign Employment Division of Maldives Immigration,  giving the permission to work in Maldives, while Work Visa is an endorsement made on the passport by Immigration giving permission to stay in Maldives.

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