Apply for Dhivehi Passport via Imuga

Application for Dhivehi Passport could be applied via Imuga, the online platform for immigration services. This enables the customers to obtain the service 24/7, at their convenience.

Consequent to the commencement of this service via Imuga, applications via email will not be accepted from 23rd July 2020.

Immigration aims to provide convenient services to the public with the aid of advanced technologies.

How to apply for Dhivehi Passports online via IMUGA

  1. Visit and register.
  • Select ‘Dhivehi Passport’ service.
  • Select the reason for applying for passport and upload the filled passport application form with required documents[i].
  • Pay the passport fee via Bank of Maldives gateway.
  • If the application is complete, a notification will be sent via SMS with the date and time to collect the passport[ii].

[i] Please pay attention to submit the correct documents and upload them in the right format.

[ii] Even if the application is incomplete, submitter will be notified via an SMS.

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