Business visa is the permit to remain in the Maldives granted for a specific period to a foreign national visiting the Maldives for the purposes of doing a business or work, but not as an employed person in the Maldives, permitted and approved by the concerned Maldivian Government authority.

Business Visa application was previously a manual process. However, for the convenience of the public, the application process was made online on 17th January 2018. This enhancement to the application process enabled the submission 24hrs a day, via With further improvements to the process, the approval process was shortened to 48hrs and expanded to Addu City on 31st January 2019. As such, Business Visa entry is being granted at Gan International Airport as well.  

Emailed applications should be named with the name and passport number of the foreigner and all the related documents should be attached separately to the email.

When the Business Visa is approved and informed via email, the original form set of the application should be submitted to the Immigration Office at Velana International Airport and pay the visa fee of MVR750, at least prior to an hour of the arrival of the foreigner. Foreigners subjected to arrive from Gan International Airport could pay to the Immigration Office at Gan International Airport.

The foreigner shall not board to flight to travel to Maldives before the visa is approved, as the entry to Maldives will not be granted before the visa approval.

Applying for Business Visa

The following documents has to be emailed (in the mentioned file format) to Immigration via by the sponsor, to obtain Business Visa.

  1. Business Visa application form (form IM24) (PDF format)
  2. A machine readable (MRZ) Passport Bio-data page color copy of the applicant (At least 6 months validity) (PDF format)
  3. Registration copy of the applicant (PDF format)
  4. Passport size photo (JPEG format)
  5. Supporting Documents such as Qualification certificates or letter of experience (PDF format)
  6. Copy of Expatriate Medical Insurance Policy Schedule (PDF format)
  7. A letter from sponsor, stating the foreigner’s period of stay in Maldives (PDF format)
  8. Visa Applicant Information Form (IM30), if applicable (PDF format)


Applicant should be registered under the “Expatriate Medical Insurance” issued from Allied Insurance Company.