Departure facilitation during emergency – COVID 19

As a precaution against the escalating global pandemic COVID-19, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ordered to close all the government offices from 19 to 26 March 2020. 

During this period, work visa and other visa holders whose visa is expired and wish to travel back to their home country shall request for an emergency departure. Under this departure process, the visa holder must present ‘Application for Emergency Departure’ (IM34) form, for the immigration process at the airport, which has to be provided to the foreigner by the employer or sponsor.

In case of a work visa holder, the Employment Approval has to be valid and work visa fee shall be paid, to be applicable for this process.

Other residence visa holders and tourist visa holders will also be facilitated to depart under this process, if they were unable to renew or extend the visa due to unavoidable circumstances. Besides the application form from the sponsor, these foreigners shall share a justification letter, personal details and visa details to immigration by email via [email protected] and [email protected], before they go to airport.

‘Application for Emergency Departure’ (IM34) will be available from the website, and further assistance regarding this process will be provided via work visa hotline, 9199153, permits hotline, 9199157 and airport immigration hotline, 9555222.

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