Extension of visas during COVID-19 crisis

Amid the global pandemic and the outbreak in Maldives, government was closed from 19th March 2020 as a precautionary measure to control any possible widespread. As such, visa services will be provided as follows, during the time of crisis.

  1. Foreigners who arrived to Maldives after 01st March 2020 for employment, and is yet to apply for work visa, are advised to submit for visa within 10 working days after the government resumes work.
  2. Except the work visa holders, any foreigner whose visa expires during the government holidays shall apply for renewal / extension of visa within 10 working days after the government resumes work.
  3. Foreigners who wish to depart from Maldives whilst their visa expired / expires during the government holidays, shall take the ‘Application for Emergency Departure’ form, IM34 (available from www.immigration.gov.mv), which has to be provided by the employer / sponsor, and the required documents with them when they go to airport to depart from Maldives. However, it is a condition for work visa holders to have a valid Employment Approval.

Note that the visa holders who complies with these guidelines will not be charged for overstaying in Maldives.

Further assistance and information regarding this will be provided via 9199153 (Work Visa Hotline), 9199157 (Permits Hotline) and 9555222 (Airport Immigration Office).

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