FAQ – Work Visa holders

Does Work Visa holders require PCR test?

Yes, Work Visa holders must carry a negative PCT test result during arrival. Work Visa holders arriving from abroad are required to hold a negative PCR test result with a sample taken within 72 hours prior to departure from the first port of embarkation. (Last revised on 23rd July 2021)

Is there mandatory quarantine on arrival to Maldives?


Work Visa holders must complete 14 days quarantine and are required to obtain a negative PCR test result on completion of the 14 days, before they are released from quarantine.(Quarantine period was last revised on 23rd July 2021)

Is quarantine mandatory for work-visa holders arriving from abroad to work in resorts?


Work Visa holders should complete their quarantine at a designated facility or a place approved for this purpose by HPA. Government Institutions, Tourist Resorts, State-Owned and private enterprises intending to designate their own places to quarantine their staff may submit a request to [email protected] 48 hours prior to arrival. Once, the suitability of the proposed locations for quarantine, is ascertained by HPA, they would be approved and informed to the requested parties. (Last revised on 23rd July 2021)

Is there any exemptions on quarantine for Work Visa holders?

Yes. Work Visa holders who falls to the following categories will be exempt from quarantine;

  • Who have completed prescribed dose(s) of COVID-19 vaccine (approved by World Health Organization Emergency Use Listing (EUL) or Maldives Food and Drug Authority), and at least 14 days have passed after the completion of the prescribed dose(s).
  • Who are documented of having diagnosed and recovered from a COVID-19 infection in the Maldives, and travelling to the Maldives within 60 (sixty) days from the sample date of the COVID-19 positive PCR test result. (Last revised on 23rd July 2021)

What kind of tests will be done at the airport?

All visitors will undergo non-intrusive temperature checks and screening on arrival to the Maldives.

You may also be chosen for a random COVID-19 PCR test by Maldivian Health Authorities. This is a voluntary test.

Will I have to pay if I get chosen for random testing?

No, the Maldives government will bear any cost for random testing.

What is the process for filling the Traveler Health Declaration form?

Traveller Health Declaration (THD) must be filled in and submitted by all travelers travelling to and from Maldives, within 24 hours prior to their travel.

You may submit the form electronically via http://imuga.immigration.gov.mv 

Do I have to wear a mask at the airport?


All tourists are required to wear facemasks at the airport, during domestic travel and in all enclosed public spaces.

How will I know the physical distancing practices to follow at the airport?

All physical distancing guidelines are clearly marked with visible distance information and floor markings in passenger terminals.

Hand sanitization and hygiene facilities are also available throughout the airport.

Do you have to test for COVID-19 before exiting the Maldives?

It is the responsibility of the visitor, to ascertain whether such tests are mandatory by their transit or final destination and arrange for the tests, which can be facilitated by the tourist establishments and employers.

Useful Links

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