Further exemptions on the visa process during Public Health Emergency

Amid the escalating COVID-19 global epidemic and the recent outbreak in the Maldives, Public Health Emergency was declared on 12th March 2020 for 30 days. Hence, as a precautionary measure to reduce the spreading of disease and to minimize the mobility of people, Maldives Immigration announced exemptions on work visa and other residence visa applications on 13th March 2020.

Further exemptions have been made following the decision by the Director General of Public Health on 14th March 2020, to strengthen the safety measures by restricting the travel movements from tourist resorts across the country.

As such, during the period of Public Health Emergency, new applications and applications for extension of work visa and other residence visas will not require medical report. In addition, the visas issued without medical reports during this period will be granted for three months.

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