Issuing of work visa inaugurated in Fuvahmulah

Issuing of work visa for expatriates working in Maldives has been inaugurated in Gn. Fuvahmulah.

Today at a ceremony held for this occasion in Department of Immigration and Emmigration، Member of Parliament of Central Fuvahmulah constituency، Ali Shah inaugurated the issuing of work visa for expatriate workers in Fuvahmulah.

While speaking Shah asked of the citizens to make the best use of such services introduced in cooperation with the organisations.

“Islanders need to accept these kind of services and give their full support and help to them. So all the citizens and institutions and offices should also give their cooperation towards such services. All the services are inaugurated for the betterment and comfort of the citizens. That is the aim of today’s government that we are seeing”، said Shah.

Shah said that President Yameen is doing a lot of work to bring about such services to the citizens and hence thanked the President and the team of Immigration who worked to introduce the service to the citizens the way President Yameen had imagined.

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