Maldives Immigration introduces Call Center Service

Maldives Immigration introduced a Call Center, in a special ceremony held at Immigration’s Head Office on Wednesday. The Call Center Service was inaugurated by the Chief Guest of the Ceremony, Honorable Minister of Defense, Uza. Mariya Ahmed Didi.

The hotline number of the Call Center is 1434 and this service will provide information related to all immigration services.

In the ceremony held to inaugurate the service, Controller General Mohamed Ahmed Hussain highlighted the importance of having a call center. He stressed that the importance of a call center service can mostly be valued by the customers who seek for information. Additionally, he mentioned that the commencement of Immigration’s Call Center will be the ultimate solution for numerous complaints about communication gap between customers and the organization.

Highlighting about the milestones of the year 2019, Controller General said that the ninety-three percent of the targets for the year has been achieved. He also stated that the objective of Immigration is to provide people centered services using modern technologies.

During the address by the Minister in the ceremony, she emphasized that all the citizens must be facilitated to access information, and that the introduction of Immigration’s Call Center is a good initiative and important service to cater for the needful. She extended her vision expressing the importance of decentralizing passport service and other immigration services in the future.

Minister further stated that the current government will always try to provide equal services to all the citizens without any discrimination, and that it is a responsibility of the government authorities to provide all the necessary services to every native of the country.

After the ceremony, Minister visited the call center and monitored the functioning of the service.