Maldives Immigration’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024 unveiled

Maldives Immigration has unveiled the five years strategic plan, in a ceremony held at Immigration’s Head office today. This strategic plan was officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Minister of Economic Development, Uz. Fayyaz Ismail. This Plan articulates the strategic outlook and future-oriented development of the organization in-line with its core values, mission and vision.  The strategic objects and focus areas were formulated by consulting with the stakeholders in order to identify the holistic approach to entail a predetermined and comprehensive reform to enhance the functions of Maldives Immigration and extend Immigration services nationwide by demarcating the principles of good governance.

This strategic plan is well coinciding with government’s pledges to prioritize good governance in organization’s development. Additionally, this focuses on four key areas; people-centered services, organizational reform, enhancing border control, and migration management.

Speaking at the ceremony, chief guest, Minister of Economic Development, Uz. Fayyaz Ismail, stated that developing strategic action plans and working in a strategic approach has never been such a priority earlier. He noted that developing strategic plan would assist to set strategies and actions to meet targeted goals without deviating from the focus areas.

Addressing in the ceremony, Controller General of Maldives Immigration, Mohamed Ahmed Hussain highlighted the importance of outlining comprehensive plans and actions to achieve the targeted goals of the organization. Stressing on the importance, Controller General mentioned that the unveiled Strategic Plan has been a long wait, as is has been more than twelve years since the execution of the last strategic plan. Furthermore, Controller General stated that the Strategic Plan is a great step to achieve organization’s long- term goals.

By implementing this strategic plan, Maldives Immigration aims to maintain professional workforce to provide excellent services to the public.

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