Maldivians and work visa holders arriving from India must complete 14 days home quarantine

Effective from 05th May 2021, Maldivians and work visa holders arriving from India are required to undergo mandatory home quarantine for a period of 14 days in their place of residency or work, and will be released after obtaining a PCR negative result.

On the other hand, all inbound travelers, except children below one year, are obliged to produce a PCR negative result with a sample taken 96 hours prior to their departure to the Maldives, effective from 3rd May 2021, even if vaccinated. 

Additionally, the following precautionary measures were implemented from 27th April 2021 for those travelling to and from India;

  1. Passengers travelling from India and arriving in the Maldives, including travelers exceeding 24 hours transit periods, are required to produce a negative PCR test result from a sample obtained at least 96 hours prior to departure. The restriction also applies for tourists who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. All tourists who had arrived from India and are travelling back to India after their stay in the Maldives are mandated to do a pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to their departure from Maldives.
  3. Indian travelers arriving in the Maldives are restricted from staying at guesthouses and hotels located in local inhabited islands. The restriction does not apply to resorts and liveaboards.

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