Marriage Visa is the permit to remain in the Maldives granted to a foreign national who is married to a Maldivian national.

A foreigner traveling to Maldives for the purpose of marrying to a Maldivian, or who wants to register their marriage in Maldives should be sponsored prior to their arrival. After the arrival, the foreigner must complete the legal marriage process, and apply for Marriage Visa within the given period of 30 days. If the foreigner is already residing in the Maldives, visa transfer has to be made to Marriage Visa once the legal procedure of the marriage is completed.

Applying for Marriage Visa

The following documents are required to apply for Marriage Visa.

  1. Application for Permit Extension Form (IM23)
  2. Passport of the applicant
  3. Signature and seal from the Family Court in the application form
  4. Original and copy of Marriage Certificate
  5. Identity Card copy of the Maldivian national
  6. Passport size photo (Photo shall comply with Maldives Immigration passport photo standard and must be a recent photo)
  7. Visa card fee, MVR50
  8. Medical health screening report of the employee issued from a Hospital/Clinic authorized by the relevant government authority
  9. Copy of Expatriate Medical Insurance Policy Schedule


Applicant should be registered under the “Expatriate Medical Insurance” issued from Allied Insurance Company.