Missing Reporting

Expatriates whose whereabouts are unknown to employer or who has absconded the employer has to be reported to Maldives Immigration within 48 hours. Along with the required documents, passport of the expatriate has to be submitted to Maldives Immigration, if it was kept with the employer.

Following the 2nd amendment to the Work Visa Regulation (2010/R-7), work visa fee has to be paid until the reporting date, and it will be waived off after the reporting date.

Employer has to borne all the expenses for the removal process if the absconded expatriate is found. If not, security deposit will be utilized for this process, and if the cost exceeds the security deposit, employer has to pay the additional cost spent by Maldives Immigration.

The following documents are required for reporting a missing expatriate;

  • “Missing or Absconding Expatriate Reporting Form” (available from this website).
  • Salary slip of the last month the expatriate worked.
  • Copy of the visa fee payment slip (visa payment should be made till the date of reporting).
  • Copy of Employment Contract.
  • Copy of National Identity Card of the person who submit the form.
  • Company Registration copy / National Identity Card copy of the employer.
  • Employment Approval copy of the expatriate.
  • Passport of the expatriate if available (if not available, a letter from the employer).
  • Passport size photo of the expatriate (attached with the form).