Online payment introduced for passport applications via email

Passport service through email applications were introduced on 17th January 2019. To further enhance this service, Maldives Immigration added online payment facility today, which enables the payment for the Passport and Revenue Stamp via online.

Emailed applications will be replied with the payment link, if the application is complete. As such, the applicant has to click to the link, and proceed to the payment. When the payment is done, the applicant will receive the payment slip, along with the collection date and time. The process will take 24 hours from the time of the payment. However, if the payment was done on the previous day of a government holiday, passport will be issued in the next working day.

Before the online payment service was introduced, the applicant had to visit to Immigration to process it. However, with this newly established online payment method, the applicant is required to present to Immigration only to collect the passport.

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