1What is the procedure if the passport has been lost?
If the passport has been lost, Police Report has to be made before applying for a new passport. Immigration will require 3 days for further examination, after the Police Report has been sent by Maldives Police Services. Applicants are advised to check (via +960 9555333) if the examination process is finished before attempting to apply for passport.
2Are there any penalties if the passport has been lost?
After reviewing the Police Report, there may be a fine between MVR5000 – MVR20000, which is decided in reference to the circumstances of the incident mentioned in the report.
3How long will a passport be kept at Immigration if it is not being collected?
Passport has to be collected within 6 months of the application. After that period, the passport will be revoked.
4What are the documents needed for collection of the passport?
Applicants National Identity Card and Passport Payment Slip has to be brought for passport collection. If a second person is to collect the passport on behalf, relevant documents and the collectors National Identity Card has to be brought.