Temporary suspension on arrival of Safaris and Yachts

Health Protection Agency of Maldives announced a temporary ban on arrival of Safaris and Yachts, effective from 19th March 2020, 00:00, amid the escalating global epidemic Covid-19 and the outbreak in Maldives.

In an official statement published by the Director General of Public Health, she stated that the decision is a prevention measure against the spreading of disease and for the security and safety of the Maldivians. As such, the arrival and harboring of Safaris and Yachts during this period will not be allowed.

In regard with this decision, Maldives Immigration has stopped the following services to tourist vessels until further notice;

  • Granting entry visa
  • Sign-in of foreigners      
  • Sign-off of foreigners (excluding the vessels harbored before the effective period of this ban)

In addition, crew change (sign-on and sign-off) will be temporary stopped from 20th March 2020, and Sign-on and sign-off of Maldivians will only be processed after the approval from International Border Health.

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