Twenty-four suspicious cases of Human Trafficking forwarded to Police for investigation

Twenty-four cases out of the sixty-seven suspicious cases of Human Trafficking that were being reviewed by Maldives Immigration have been forwarded to Maldives Police Services for further investigation on 19th May 2019. These cases involve the practice of counterfeit documents on a high extent in the recruiting process of expatriate workers.

The twenty-four cases forwarded to Maldives Police Services comprises all the related information of the companies, its Directors, suspected individuals and projects details, available from the Immigration database. Moreover, Maldives Immigration has banned them from attaining any services related to expatriate workers.

Furthermore, in efforts to minimize such crimes against the expatriate workers, Maldives Immigration shares all the relevant information about the suspected business entities and individuals to Ministry of Economic Development, the authority dealing with the control of the expatriate workers in Maldives now.

Maldives Immigration will continue to do the utmost in being transparent and meeting up with the expectations of the public in providing our services.

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