Voluntary Repatriation

Voluntary Repatriation is part of immigration enforcement and an approach to migration management, aiming to facilitate the return of the undocumented expatriates back to their home country.

Expatriates volunteering to repatriate shall follow the registration and the interview process held at Expatriate Monitoring & Repatriation Division of Maldives Immigration. The registration process is conducted on every Monday at 8am, local time. 

Expatriate worker must produce the identity documents for the registration. It is advised to present the passport for the verification process, if it is with the expatriate. If passport is not available, a passport copy, Work Visa Card, Work Visa Card copy or any relevant identification document could be submitted. Once the identification process is complete, Maldives Immigration will assist to find the whereabout of the passport or to request the High Commissions / Embassy to produce a Travel Document. Expenses for the air ticket shall be borne by the expatriate.